Hope you guys have been enjoying the Deer Tour so far!  I can’t thank everyone enough for watching as we keep the train rolling through gun season and down to Alabama!

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Thanks again!



  • kelly woodward,

    just wanted to say love yalls video’s. Recently moved to mississippi from virginia and had not been hunting here for lack of hunting property but you guy’s inspired me to check out public ground.I have a lung disease so not sure about going 3 mile’s in like hunting beast,but I will atleast be in the wood’s enjoying the great outdoor’s.You guy’s turkey hunted here and going to Alabama for deer hunt my part of ms has the late rut late jan from what im told and when it’s cold in Iowaput your short’s on and hunt here,Tell a Zach I will even take whoever out redfishing and speckled trout while your here.Good luck brother’s and keep the video’s coming.

    • warbritton,

      Thanks Kelly!

  • TJ Busscher,

    Love your guys videos! I get pumped every night a new one comes out. If you guys ever want to come to Michigan and put your skills to the test in the Manistee National Forest on your deer tour I would love to hunt with you guys. Let me know that would be amazing!

    • warbritton,


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