From Ryan Updike – What app or weather website do y’all use to find out prevailing winds/wind direction?

We use  It shows detailed graphs at what the wind is doing throughout the day.  Actually it shows detailed graphs of everything.  Here is an example of a 10 day forecast.  You’ll notice wind direction and speed is at the bottom, barometric pressure in the middle, and temperature at top.

Historical weather data is something we pay attention to as well.  Many of our trail cameras are left up throughout the season.  When we get a photo of a mature buck we’ll check the historical weather data from that day.  It not only helps us know what conditions the specific buck was moving in, but we also learn more about deer movement in general when relating to weather patterns.  Check it out here. 


Here’s an example.  We got this photo of a buck on September 15th at 6:40 p.m.  He was moving out of a suspected bedding area and we wanted to know which wind direction he was bedded there on.

Here is the historical weather data from that day.  I’ve highlighted the time frame the buck was in front of the camera.  Also pay attention to the wind direction for the remainder of the day.  Since we know the bedding area the buck is likely coming from, we can determine which wind direction he was bedded there on and look for patterns to emerge in the future.

Mature bucks will be more consistent in their movements than the rest of the deer.  If you see one moving through an area, think about all these factors.  There’s a good chance he or another big guy will do it again on similar conditions.



  • Jason Wilkerson,

    Been using wunderground for years, and I completely agree with everything in this article. The historical weather data is incredibly valuable!

    • warbritton,

      Really helps us after season once we pull cameras that have been soaking for several months.

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