Time to schedule our fall hunts.  We plan on hunting several states and are debating where to go.  It’s possible we hunt Kentucky, Nebraska, or the Dakotas early.  Then hit Wisconsin from mid to late September.  We’ll likely spend October hunting in Iowa and travel again during the rut.  Alabama, Missouri, Oklahoma, Ohio, and Michigan are all on the table.

It’s possible we can get 6-8 states so long as our vehicles make it!

It’s also time to get out scouting again.

click to view tick repellant

When it’s hot like this, the early mornings are a great time to scout.  It gets light VERY early in summer so it’s possible to scout for an hour or two in the mornings before work and still clock in by 8 or 9.  We’re also becoming a big fan of permethrin to keep ticks off.  It’s kind of a process to apply to your clothing but it’s well worth it.  There are some pants out there that have the chemical built into the fabric.








  • Dennis E.,

    Permethrin is a must. Very good and effect stuff!

  • Josh Rodgers,

    O-H-I-O! I wanna see these tactics take down some big deer in SE Ohio! Maybe some nasty strip mines? They hold some bruisers! 🙂 Love the show guys. Keep it up!

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