Tethrd Mantis Tree Saddle

Been getting tons of questions lately about new mobile tree stands, climbing sticks, and tree saddles.  I’ll discuss the saddles we’ve used on today’s blog. We’ll talk climbing sticks and tree stands soon as well.

Tethrd Mantis Saddle

We started using a tree saddle last fall. This was our first year using a saddle and going into it we had tons of reservations. Could we shoot out of one? Was it comfortable? Is it safe? All questions we’d asked ourselves prior to trying one. I decided to try several different brands to see which one fit best and began to experiment throughout the fall. We tested each one and weighed the pros and cons. Click here if you’d like to see Zach’s hunt from Alabama using the saddle.

Our favorite was the Tethrd Mantis. It’s the lightest way to hunt from a tree that I’m aware of AND it’s comfortable. Coupled with the platform, it’s the ticket for mobile hunting. The saddle itself weighs around 1 pound. Add the platform, straps, and a few accessories and your at roughly 5 pounds for the setup (not including your climbing system).

Shooting out of one was not a big deal but I’d recommend practicing in the yard before heading to the woods. One common concern we’ve been getting from viewers is “What do you do with all the ropes? Do they get in the way?” We did have issues with ropes on some of the older saddles but not this one. You can add small pouches to the sides for any type of accessories (including your lineman’s rope). It helps keep everything out of the way until you need it. There is also a ton of adjustment built into the saddle so you can tweak to fit.

The Platform

The saddle is awesome but the platform is the real game changer in my opinion. It folds up into a small profile that’s easy to fit into a backpack and is very easy to install on the tree compared to a stand. Since the saddle is supporting most of your weight, you can push off on either side of the platform to shoot around the tree. No safety concerns either. We’ve installed them on trees of all sizes and they are rock solid.

Predator Platform

Don’t get me wrong, I love hunting from tree stands but after using one of these last fall, don’t be surprised if you see us in saddles more this year. They are great for trees with thick branches. Also much easier to pack in long distances and hang quickly vs. a tree stand.

Keep in mind I was extremely skeptical out of the gate but after giving them a try it’s easy to see why more folks are using saddles.  – Aaron


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