Zach and I recently had a great conversation with Sam Ubl about hunting public land whitetails.  The infamous BUCK NEST was brought up and we tried to detail everything about it in our answers.

Here’s a link to the full article –

Public Land Q & A with The Hunting Public



  • Ethan Eberlin,

    Hi, I’m from Calhoun County IL and looking to venture off and starting hunting public areas since my family only owns 30 acres. The public areas around where I live also cater to duck hunters, so what are things to look for when evaluating a areas like this.

  • Joshua hupp,

    I’m sure you’ve been asked this before and I apologize, but what are your guys thoughts on scent control big deal or no?

    • warbritton,

      We don’t mess with it at all any more. We used to do everything – sprays, ozone, bags, you name it.

  • Kevin Zoromski,

    Can I ask what is your practice for using light/head lamps in the morning when setting up as close as you guys are to these mature bucks, also what kinda situations are you guys doing as far as checking these trail cams in remote areas? Time of day u go? How often?
    Thanks. Your content is excellent. Quit watching hunting shows for a long time. Too full of $%!*
    Your approach is refreshing.

    • warbritton,

      Thanks! We don’t check our cameras often unless they are close to the main access point or easy to get to. We end up leaving them all season many times and learning afterwords. As far as headlamps go, we use them each time we go in during morning hunts so long as it’s dark. We’ve found better success going in well before daylight and setting up with them in the dark. If you try waiting for gray light they don’t work as well.

  • Justin Collins,

    Have y’all, or anyone you know been successful at bow hunting public land in Texas?

    • warbritton,

      Not yet but know of some folks that are. Plan to hunt down there someday!

  • Jacob Guillory,

    Love the show guy!! I have to know where did Zach find that guillie suit? Or is it a custom made???
    It is bad to the bone!!!

    • warbritton,

      Thanks! Those suits were given to us from our buddy a few years ago. Cabela’s sold them for a time. The brand is called Bushrag.

  • Joshua Antinozzi,

    I hunt in southern Appalachian foothills and mountains up to 3000’. Do you think hunting leeward ridges and points would still apply to hunting these areas? My area consists of points , benches, and saddles. The primary bedding cover is mountain laurel and pine thickets. The laurel is can grow in huge patches and doesn’t seem to grow in any pattern. Pine thickets are usually on the tops of ridges.

    • warbritton,

      Yes the same should still apply but is all so very dependent on the specific situation. If there is bench lower on the ridge that offers them good escape and visibility from the bed, they may choose that instead.

  • John Young,

    What state do you guys live in?

  • John Young,

    What state do you guys from the hunting public live in?

    • warbritton,

      We live in Iowa but are all from different states. Zach is Ohio, Greg is Nebraska, Aaron is Missouri, Jake is Wisconsin, and Ted is Iowa.

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