Hey everyone!

We’re going to do some cool stuff with this blog section of the site.  One of us will be updating it often.  It’ll feature gear reviews, written updates, viewer Q and A, and tons of tactics to complement our videos.  If there is ANYTHING you want us to touch on, please use the comments section below or message us on Facebook/Instagram.


  • Robert Fisher,

    Big fans of your content. Your turkey tour is what cemented me giving spring turkey a shot (succesfully) this season. Big thanks.

    I saw your recent video related to “thermal hubs” and would love to hear/see a lot more about that. I’m in pretty steep hill country and on heavily hunted public.

    • warbritton,

      Thanks Robert! That’s a great idea!

  • Bob Molinari,

    Very interested in THP’s thoughts on hunting before/during/after rain. Lots of rain coming through the mid-west now. Temps are up and down. Winds are all over the compass. Thermals near river bottoms have got me going crazy. Wanted to get your thoughts on impact on deer movement especially with decrease in hunter’s on public land. Better to scout, stay out of the woods, or go big before the October lull? Huge thanks from a big fan.

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