From Harvard Smith – “When y’all are hunting public land, is it mostly WMA’s or random areas?  Which type of areas do you hunt most?” 

It’s pretty random honestly.  Each public area has something slightly different to offer.  The thing to keep an eye out for is changing regulations on different areas.  Some are walk-in only for example leading to less hunting pressure.  One WMA we hunt in Alabama has different seasons than the surrounding areas.  Takes extra research to figure this stuff out but you can use it to your advantage.

Say your planning an archery hunt to Kentucky public lands and having trouble deciding on a location.  With so many options how do you narrow it down?  In Kentucky, there are a number of areas that are open to archery only.  These can be great areas to target because of the lack of gun pressure.  In a situation like this, we might try WMA’s like this over a large state forest for example.  Many states have areas like these that can be overlooked and provide excellent opportunities.


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  • Dylon Garcia,

    hey guys,
    do yall ever make it down to texas or oklahoma? I’ve been hunting public lands down here all my life. would love to see yall get down this way. Sure is nice to see a real show with guys doing the same thing I do, hunt public land with a bow. Hope to hear back from yall. good luck and take care

    • warbritton,

      We’ve hunted Oklahoma for turkeys and had a blast! Hope to hunt down there for deer in the near future!

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